Hanging Instructions

Our swings are suitable for babies from when they are sitting up (around 6 months) until approx 2 years. The spring is rated to 20 kgs and is made specifically for our swings.

To Hang

Swings can be hung  inside from doorways, rafters or beams, or outside from pergolas, branches etc, etc.

We recommend using a heavy duty 8mm eyebolt (available at your local hardware store) as pictured below .

Ensure the bolt is screwed fully into the support with no thread showing.

Our hanging kit for beams and branches, pictured below, is available for $20 including postage .


We leave the timber  untreated, if you wish to oil the dowel please use a non toxic oil such as a vegetable oil

Keeping the canvas clean will help its longevity. We use an acrylic awning grade canvas which should be kept clean by simply hosing down.  You can sponge the canvas with a mild detergent if necessary. The cushions are machine washable (cold water only).

 Our Swing should always be used under adult supervision


eye bolt


typical installation


spring chain detail


optional hanging kit